Our design concept is based on 3 key principles:


Simple design and construction

75cm Open Plan Hamster HomeOur Homes adopt a simple, robust design, making them easy to assemble.

Frame slots into base close upThe top frame slots in and out of the drawer base, allowing you to deep clean the cage as and when necessary.120cm Replacement Drawer Base

100% Animal friendly

Our Homes come in different sizes to suit different pets.

african-pygmy-hedgehog Guinea Pig Pair

Each home meets (and in many cases exceeds) the minimum size requirements advocated by the RSPCA and/or other animal welfare bodies.

75cm Home with Corner House 3We’ve made some features optional, such as choosing between a mesh or perspex front, adding a second tier, and buying appropriate accessories, so you can build a Home that is entirely suitable for your pet.  Hedgehog Home with Perspex front

There are no nails or staples used on the inside of our Homes, so no harm can come to your pet.

The flexible interior allows you to change things around to keep your pets happy and stimulated.

Our materials are animal friendly too:  We use kiln-dried timber, and water-based, low odour, pet-safe varnish.


Easy to maintain and keep clean

Due to the clever design, our Homes are easy to keep clean.

Home AccessoriesAll platform shelving is removable, and the drawer base and shelving is varnished with 2 coats of pet-safe varnish, keeping them stain-free, and resistant to water and urine.

If your pet tends to chew, you can replace individual components, using our Replacement Parts Service.  That way you can keep your pet’s home in good condition at a fraction of the cost of buying a new cage.

Check out our shop: Replacement Parts Service