About Us

Who Are We?

Hamster Homes AvatarHamster Homes UK  is a small independent business, based in Scotland, that hand-make beautifully crafted, animal friendly homes for small pets – from hamsters, mice, gerbils and guinea pigs, to more exotic pets, such as pygmy hedgehogs.

Hamster Homes was born in 2015 after we struggled to find a suitable home for our dwarf hamsters.  Hamsters and other small pets need a surprising amount of space to roam, climb, and dig as they would do in the wild, and most commercial cages are far too small.   We wanted a home that conformed to animal welfare standards, made using natural materials, with easy access to our pets, and simple to clean.

So with a background in engineering and IT, I decided to make my own hamster home.  After a few trial prototypes, we built this website, and I started trading through my Online shop, and via Etsy.

Since then, my designs have evolved, and our range of Pet Homes and accessories has expanded, catering for a wider variety of small pets.  In March 2019, my Company became known as The Little Pet Company (Scotland) Ltd.  My business may be small, but I have big plans, so I’m looking forward to the future….  🙂


Our Design Principles…

Our design principles are based on using natural materials to make spacious, high quality homes that create a fun and stimulating habitat for your pets, whilst promoting animal welfare standards.  To read more about our Design Concept, click here.


Hedgehog Home with Perspex front      

Our Customers…

Our customers include dwarf and Syrian hamsters, mice, gerbils, guinea pigs,  African Pygmy Hedgehogs and rabbits.  We’ve also made an enclosure for hatching chicks, and homes for baby tortoises!


Our Workshop Facilities…

In February 2017, we moved our workshop facilities to an old farmhouse in the beautiful Stirlingshire countryside, using the large barn extension as our workshop.  The farmhouse is surrounded by fields with amazing views to the Campsie Fells and Ochil mountain range, and Loch Lomond is just a stone’s throw away.  Wildlife is found in abundance with  rabbits, stoats, field mice, herons, frogs and deer often wandering through the garden(!), making it a magical and inspiring place to work.

The Workshop


Our Online Newsletter…

With lots more ideas to follow, why not sign up to our email newsletter at the top/bottom of this page, and we’ll let you know when new products are launched. We also promise not to bombard you with emails.


Feedback Welcome

We hope you and your pets will love our homes, but if you have any feedback, good or bad, please email us, as your input will help us improve our designs going forward.

Email us at: hello@hamster-homes.com