Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

If you have questions about our Pet Homes, or a Delivery/Customer Service enquiry, please read our most frequently asked questions and answers below.  Thank you for reading.


Pet Home Questions

What size of cage is best for my pets?

Having the right size Pet Home is something we are passionate about!  One of our core business ethics is to only make homes that meet animal welfare size guidelines.  The UK Animal Welfare Act states that any pet, regardless of their size, should be able to fulfil all natural behaviours they would exhibit in the wild.  For small pets, that means space to sleep, eat, drink, run, dig, burrow, climb and play.

Our Pet Care information pages provide information on caring for your pet, including the recommended minimum cage sizes.   These sizes are based on RSPCA and other animal welfare guidelines.  Please note the minimum should not be considered the “ideal size” – it simply means this is the minimum for providing a suitable home.  Pets such as hamsters, mice, gerbils, pygmy hedgehogs and guinea pigs will often roam for up to 3-5 miles a day in the wild, so it’s important to give them as much space as you can.

Click on the links below for more info:

Hamsters, Mice & Gerbils

Guinea Pigs

Pygmy Hedgehogs


Can you make bespoke Pet Homes and/or custom sizes?

We regret that we are no longer able to take orders for custom sizes and/or requests for bespoke Pet Homes.  We offer a standard range of Pet Homes, with a small selection of standard customisations such as perspex side panels, castor wheels, and front/side access for your pets.  To view our list of standard customisations, click here: Pet Home Standard Customisations


Which is better: a mesh or perspex front?

Each option has pros and cons, so it’s your decision on what is most suitable for you and your pets.

Here are some benefits and drawbacks of each option.


  • Mesh will often be used as a climbing wall by small pets that naturally like to climb, such as hamsters, mice and gerbils, so it’s a good option if you want your pet to take advantage of this.
  • It also provides a source of ventilation, so if your Pet Home is positioned in a place that may get hot or stuffy, a mesh front or sides will help keep the Pet Home well ventilated.
  • You can feed your pets little tit bits, such as fresh fruit or vegetables through the mesh.  This supports the taming process, as it encourages them to come to you, and take food from your hand.
  • The downside of mesh walls is that substrate such as wood shavings, or hay, can be scattered when your pets dig or burrow, so if you are particularly house proud, you may not like this option.


  • If your pet has a habit of bar biting their existing cage, then a perspex front can be a way of preventing them from doing this.
  • Perspex helps retain heat, so if your Pet Home is intended for an exotic animal such as a pygmy hedgehog, you need to opt for perspex. 
  • Perspex can also be used for other pets, and may be beneficial if your Pet Home is to be positioned in a cool room, as it will help keep in warmth.
  • Although a perspex front will provide an excellent view of your pet, it does inhibit interaction, as you won’t be able to offer food nibbles in the way you can with mesh.
  • The perspex may get scratched by your pet, and like any shiny surface, will need regular cleaning. 


Is the mesh size suitable for dwarf hamsters and mice?

All our Pet Homes now come with 13mm square mesh as standard, and are suitable for the smallest of dwarf hamsters and mice.  Hamsters can only generally escape from a barred cage when the bars are around 10mm spacing or more, as they can squeeze their bodies through by squishing their bulk sideways through the bars.  With square holes of 13mm, they are unable to do this.  The only way a hamster could escape through the mesh is by chewing over a prolonged period of time to create a larger hole.  In the time we’ve been in business (over 5 years now), we’ve never had any customer tell us their pet has escaped through the 13mm mesh size, so we are confident in it’s ability to do the job.  Note that the mesh will also prevent house or wild field mice from entering the cage as long as the roof is kept shut.


How should I protect the floor of my Pet Home?

The base of our Pet Homes is designed to be hold a deep layer of substrate, such as wood shavings, or Carefresh absorbent paper, which will help soak up urine.  Alternatively, you may wish to use a waterproof fleece liner that you can handwash or put through your washing machine on a regular basis.

We recommend lining the base of your Pet Home first, before adding your chosen substrate or fleece liner.  This will help keep your Pet Home cleaner and fresher for longer.

We now offer a removable wipe-clean PVC coated base liner to sit on top of the plywood base, and under your chosen substrate or fleece liner.  The pvc liner is available from our Online Shop.


Delivery and Customer Service Questions


Where is my Order Confirmation?

Our website sends an automatic Order Confirmation when an order is placed, after payment has been successfully processed.  Depending on the spam settings within your own Email Account, our emails can get blocked and may end up in your Junk/Spam folder.  Please check this folder before contacting us, as most missing emails can be found here.  To ensure you receive further emails about the progress of your order, you can add us to your Safe Senders list.


How long will my order take to make?

Our Pet Homes are made by hand, and made-to-order.  Lead times for manufacture fluctuate throughout the year depending on how many orders we receive in a given period.  We update our current lead times on the Cart page prior to purchase, so please take note at the time of placing your order.  Around 95% of our orders are completed within the stated lead time, but if there is any change, we will keep you informed after purchase.

When will my order be delivered?


Small accessories are sent by Royal Mail Second Class post and don’t require a signature.

Pet Homes and Stands

We will notify you by text (where possible) or by email or phone when your Order is ready, and your expected delivery date.

We use a 48 hour Parcelforce Signed-for Delivery service, so you can expect to receive your goods up to 2 days after we dispatch.  Someone will need to be present at the delivery address to receive and sign for your goods, or you can request delivery to a neighbour if that is more convenient.

Deliveries are Monday to Friday only, between the hours of 8am – 6pm.  Where a mobile phone number has been provided on an order, Parcelforce should text you a 1 hour timeslot on the morning of delivery.

Unfortunately, due to our rural location in Scotland and the large/heavy nature of our parcels, we are unable to offer a guaranteed/next day delivery service.


Can I cancel my order after purchase?

For made-to-order goods (Pet Homes and Stands), you may cancel your order up to 14 days after the order was placed, but only where goods have not yet been dispatched.

We will only dispatch an order, once you have confirmed acceptance of the expected delivery date.


Can I return my order?

We regret that made-to-order items including Pet Homes and Stands cannot be returned.

Accessories and small items however, can be returned at the buyer’s expense. Please read our full Terms & Conditions for further info.


What do I do if my Order is damaged?

If you receive an item that is damaged, then please let us know within 3 days of receipt.

We will require photos of the issues, so we can decide how best to resolve the problem.  We will offer replacement parts for any items that are damaged or faulty.


How can I leave a Review?

We encourage our customers to provide feedback about our products, and would love to hear what you think.

You can leave a review for any of the products you have purchased on our website.  Just follow the instructions below.

Thank you for reading!