Natural Wood Hamster & Small Pet Exercise Wheel from Trixie – 2 sizes

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Natural wood exercise wheel for hamsters and small pets, with a padded cork running surface, making it more comfortable for your little pet’s feet.  Low noise and smooth motion due to ball bearing design.  Made by Trixie, and sold in two sizes as follows:

Medium 21cm – Suitable for small mice and dwarf hamsters.

Large 28cm – Suitable for Syrian hamsters and gerbils.  


Please adhere to the above size recommendations so your pets do not arch their back whilst using the wheel, as this can cause health problems in later life.  

We no longer recommend this wheel for a pygmy hedgehog, as it is not wide enough for a hedgehog’s body shape.

These exercise wheels for hamsters and other small pets have a padded running surface made of cork, and are kinder on your little pet’s feet.

Low-noise and smooth motion due to ball-bearings inside the wheel – the only sound you will hear will be the pitter-patter of tiny feet!

Please read the notes below before purchasing.

  • The Trixie exercise wheel is supplied from the manufacturer in untreated form.  To prolong the life of your wheel, and make it easier to clean, we recommend coating with a pet-safe sealer which you can now buy from our Shop here: Wood Sealer.
  • Please check the wheel regularly for signs of nibbling and other damage and, where necessary, sand down to avoid injury to your pet.   Occasional treatment with cooking oil on the moving spindle will ensure the wheel keeps turning easily.

4 reviews for Natural Wood Hamster & Small Pet Exercise Wheel from Trixie – 2 sizes

  1. sarahsiva

    We ordered a large wheel at the same time as ordering our Hamster home for Deaky, our Syrian hamster. He loves his new wheel, I can see it is sufficiently large for him and his back isn’t arched, so I find that reassuring. My daughter likes the wheel as the only noise she can hear is the pitter patter of his feet. It is also a generously wide cork lined wheel, which means Deaky can change direction easily and is kind to his feet.

  2. Nicola

    Excellent product!

  3. Natalie

    My hamsters back doesn’t bend at all on this wheel so it’s much better for him. He runs for much longer and I bet this is one of the reasons why – for a fully grown syrian hamster this product is 10/10.

  4. Natalie

    Lovely wheel – so sturdy and SILENT 😛 it looks great inside the wooden cage – so stylish and classy looking compared to bright wacky cages and squeaky/rattling wheels. My hamster loves his new wooden wheel – he uses it more than he ever used the other wheels we’ve bought – think it’s the gentle cork feel on his little paws. So happy with this wheel and would’ve been prepared to pay more than £15.50 for such a great product – one very happy customer 🙂

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