Bolt-on Stand Legs – for purchase with a Pet Home


These Stand Legs are designed to bolt-on to the base/side panels of our Pet Homes raising it off the ground by 45cm.  They are the simplest, most economic way of providing a stand solution for your Pet Home.

The pack includes 4 stand legs, 8 double-ended bolts, 2 allen keys, and 16 pre-drilled holes (8 in the legs + 8 in the Pet Home side panels).

Suitable for all Pet Home models and sizes within our Pet Home range.

IMPORTANT NOTE: These Legs are intended for purchase at the same time as a Pet Home.  If you already own one of our Pet Homes, please see our independent Pet Home Stand.

These Stand Legs can be purchased with any of our Pet Homes or Replacement Bases, providing a simple cost-effective stand solution for raising your pet home off the ground.  The 45cm height is a good viewing height for a kneeling adult, and approximate eye level for young children, and will help keep your small pets safe from cats and dogs.  It also provides useful space underneath for storage purposes.

  • Pet Home models with a separate lift-off base have the legs fixed to the base unit, allowing the top frame to be removed. (See last product photo).
  • Pet Home models with an integrated base have the legs bolted to the base sides, making it permanently fixed to the Stand legs.

This pack includes 4 Legs, 8 double-ended bolts, 16 pre-drilled holes (8 in the Legs, and 8 holes in the Pet Home base/sides), 2 allen keys, and full assembly instructions.

To add Castor Wheels to the Legs, click on the Customisation link here: Add Castor Wheels


  • These Legs will increase the length of your overall Pet Home by 4cm.
  • Max space available for under storage: Height = 44cm, Depth = 60cm, Length = Length of your Pet Home minus 1cm.
  • The Legs are intended for purchase at the same time as a Pet Home or Replacement Base. Customers who purchase the Legs only will need to drill matching holes into the side panels of their Pet Home/Base unit using a 9cm diameter drill.  We do not recommend customers trying this themselves.

Leg Dimensions:

Leg length = 54.5cm (raising your Pet Home off the ground by 45cm)

Leg width = 9.5cm

Leg thickness = 2cm


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