Cork Surface Running Disc Exercise Wheel for Small Pets – 22cm or 30cm

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Running disc “flying saucer” style exercise wheel with a padded cork running surface for small pets, and sold in two sizes.

Suitable for hamsters, mice, gerbils, African pygmy hedgehogs, and degus.

Made from solid wood and cork by Trixie.

This exercise wheel is made from solid wood with a cork lining which provides a comfortable padded running surface for your little pet’s feet.  This style of wheel is also good for your pet’s general wellbeing, as they can run without having to arch their back in a vertical wheel that is often too small for them, and which can cause spine deformities.

This is a wooden/cork version of the plastic “flying saucer” wheel and is a fun alternative to the more traditional vertical wheels.

The wheel comes in two sizes:

  • 22cm diameter – suitable for dwarf and syrian hamsters, mice and gerbils.
  • 30cm diameter – suitable for large syrian hamsters, African pygmy hedgehogs, and degus.  Due to the size of this wheel, we recommend it for use in enclosures of at least 120 x 60cm in area.

To prolong the life of this wheel, we recommend applying our wood sealer which will provide a water-resistant finish.

For a demonstration of this style of wheel, click here to watch Biscuit, a Syrian hamster carry out a demo on our Facebook page! 🐹

Made by Trixie.


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